Sides and Salads


Kibbie 2 Pieces

Minced meat with cracked wheat Filled with ground beef, onions and spices.

Feta Cheese Dip(veggie)

Topped with olive oil and Greek seasoning served with fresh Tandoor or Pita bread.

5 Falafel Pieces(veggie)

Served with Tahini Sauce.

Burek - stuffed Pita

Cheese - Spinach(veggie)

Spring Roll(veggie)

3 rolls of spring rolls stuffed with Feta Cheese.

Grape Leaves(veggie)

5 rolls of Grape leaves stuffed with rice, parsley, tomatoes and cooked in lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.


Topped with extra virgin olive oil and served with 3 slices of fresh Tandoor bread.

Baba Ghanouj(veggie)

Grilled Eggplant blended with Tahini and lemon juice Served with 3 slices of fresh Tandoor bread and olive oil.



Tabouli Salad

Chopped tomatoes, minced parsley and diced onions mixed with burgul (cracked wheat), lemon juice and olive oil.

$3.95 sm / $6.95 lg
Greek Salad

Romaine lettuce, spring mix, tomatoes, cucumbers, Feta Cheese, non-pitted Kalamata olives, and red onions with your choice of Ranch or Mediterranean dressing.

$3.45 sm / $6.25 lg

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