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Plates And Wraps

Plates and Wraps Menu Sides,Salads, Kids, Desserts Catering Menu Download pdf

Kabob-ster PLates

All Plates are served with 2 slices of our freshly baked Tandoor or Pita bread

Falafel Plate (veggie) $8.95

Five pieces of Falafel served with Tahini sauce, Hummus, pickles, Romaine lettuce and Tabouli salad.

Gyro Plate $9.45

Freshly sliced tender Gyro meat (beef and lamb) served with Tzaziki sauce, Hummus, and Greek salad.

Chicken Gyro Plate $9.45

fresh tender seasoned chicken served with 2 sides.

Vegetarian Sampler $9.95

A selection of Hummus, Baba Ghanouj, Tabouli salad, Grape Leaves, Falafel, cheese-spinach Burek and Feta cheese rolls.

Kabob PLates

Served with Tzaziki sauce and with either 2 sides or 3 sides (Basmati rice, Hummus, Greek salad). Greek salad contains non-pitted
Kalamata olives. (Additional Kabob Skewer ($2.95)

Chicken Kabob Plate $9.95 / $11.45

Two skewers of Saffron-marinated charbroiled
chicken Kabob served with 2 or 3 sides.

Kufta Kabob Plate $9.95 / $11.45

Two skewers of spiced ground meat (beef and lamb)
served with 2 or 3 sides.

bEEF Kabob Plate $10.95 / $11.95


Veggie Kabob Plate $9.45 / $10.95

Two skewers of seasoned charbroiled vegetables (zucchini, squash, mushrooms, red and yellow peppers) served with 2 or 3 sides.

Combo Kabob Plate $9.95 / $11.45

Choose any combination of two skewers (chicken, Kufta, beef or Veggie Kabob) served with 2 or 3 sides.

Kabob-ster Feast $12.95

Three kabob skewers (Beef Tenderloin, Kufta and Chicken) served with three sides (Hummus, Basmati Rice and Greek Salad).

Kabob-ster Wraps

All Wraps are served on Pita or Flat Naan bread. Add Fries and Drinks for $2.50

Falafel Wrap (veggie) $5.95

Four pieces of Falafel topped with pickles, tomatoes,
parsley, lettuce and Tahini sauce.

Mediterranean Wrap (Veggie)$5.95

Feta cheese topped with tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, lettuce, Kalamata olives and olive oil. Grilled on Panini

Grilled Chicken Shawarma Wrap $5.95

Grilled seasoned chicken topped with pickles, tomatoes, lettuce and olive oil – garlic spread. Grilled on Panini.

Grilled Beef Shawarma Wrap $5.95

Grilled seasoned tender beef topped with pickles, tomatoes,
parsley, red onions, and Tahini sauce. Grilled on Panini.

Gyro Wrap $5.95

Freshly sliced Gyro (lamb and beef) meat topped with tomatoes, lettuce, red onions and Tzaziki sauce.

Chicken Gyro Wrap $5.95

Topped with Tomatoes Lettuce, red onions and tzaziki sauce.

Kufta Wrap$5.95

Seasoned-charbroiled ground meat (beef and lamb) Topped with Hummus, tomatoes, lettuce, red onions, pickles and Tahini sauce.

Hummus Wrap (veggie) $4.95

Hummus spread topped with tomatoes, pickles, cucumbers, peppers, red onions, lettuce and extra virgin olive oil.